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Sportsmart is excited about being involved with local clubs through the Team Smart program.

The aim of the program is to support local clubs by offering a tool to help fund the cost of new sporting equipment.

How Team Smart can benefit your club:

  • Twice yearly rebates, at a return of 6% on individual member purchases, to help fund the cost of new sporting equipment for your club
  • Access to our exclusive member discounts for all your club members
  • More in-store Club VIP Days
  • Access to exclusive promotions



It's been in our family and team for almost 50 years.
We want to help our community, individuals and families
to participate wherever they can.
We want to share the joy and excitement that is sport.

Check out our How it works & FAQ page for more information about Team Smart, or email if you have any queries or feedback about the program.

Yours in sport,

Gerrard Woods
Director, Sportsmart

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